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About Us

CARGO XPERTS is serving Pakistani exporters & Importers by means of providing purely professional services in Air, Ocean & Road transportation since 2005. We provide our customers state of the art facilities through our professionals in Air, Sea and Road transportation and allied services. At the same time, we remain vigilant on cost and services in always changing market. Our competent professionals who are highly qualified from domestic and foreign universities are active to coup with new challenges. They keep on upgrading their expertise to keep an edge over competitors and meet the needs of customers. They make use of all the resources available in the present day market. In the modern times needs of the customers and ways to solve their problems have changed a lot. Our professionals are aware of their responsibilities and discharge their duties promptly. That makes our customers satisfied. More over we have Vast experiences to handle all types of shipments, i.e Heaving machinery / Parts, Auto Parts, Textile machinery/Parts, general shipments, perishable, diagnostics, having temperature, ice box type and others. Cargo xperts already providing the services to so many Govt. Organizations, Manufactures, Industrials, Traders, commercial importers, and they are fully satisfied. Just send your inquires to give you our best rates and services, we are fully capable to handle.

Mission Statement

"CARGO XPERTS specializes in Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage; export and import services-Air, Ocean and Tuck Freight as a Customs Broker, We are engaged by importers for the purpose of preparing all documentation required for entry of material into the territories of the Pakistan. We are responsible for coordinating all events and communicating the status of shipments from the time of shipment through Customs Clearance"

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We work quickly and efficiently!

CARGO XPERTS fully understands the sensitivity of shipments and therefore, the customers trusted us and CARGO XPERTS delivered. Due to our professionalism & dedication our customers shift the responsibility of shipment to us.

  • Air/Sea Freight
  • Secure Services
  • Secure Warehouseing
  • Custom clearance process
  • Proven by great companies
  • Pick up from customer’s premises
  • Handling of exportable shipments
  • Assist customers in air/sea freight as per requirements
  • Play an active role, which includes personal visits to customers
  • Handling over the consignment to the Airline/Sea port

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